By entering this contest you will get the chance to win one of my wordpress templates: MQ Faded.
The winner gets to do whatever he/she wants with it. So you can either keep it to yourself and have a unique blog design, or release to the public. Either way I ask that you keep my link in the footer.

Contest start date: 07.26.2008

How to enter:
You will need to register to Web2logs via this link to enter and refer as many people as you can to win. The URL you need to promote will be (replace user with your username) .

Rules: No creating fake accounts, each user signed up under you must be unique. You must refer at least 50 people to be eligible.

Contest ends: When somebody refers 200 users.

Prize: WordPress template MQ Faded
Live stats at

Good luck to you all.

Win a wordpress template (MQ Faded)

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