AdSense Revenue Sharing plugin

Do you have a blog you run that is authored by multiple authors? If so, have you wondered how you can run a revenue sharing program so that everyone is equally compensated? Has the thought about coding a plugin given you the creeps? Well, no more. I have done all the hard work. Announcing Adsense Revenue Sharing, a free adsense revenue sharing plugin for wordpress.
AdSense Revenue Sharing is a wordpress plugin which allows you to easy display ads in your posts by using a quicktag and share your adsense impressions with your friends and co-authors.

To dispaly the ads you can either insert <!adsense > anywhere in your post or use the quicktag button.
For configuration go to Options>Revenue Sharing

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MQ ReLinks

MQ ReLinks is a wordpress plugin which allows you to easy make all external links in posts, pages, comments and author links non external, by using a redirect.
In stead of a direct link to another site, the plugin will create a link to a out.php file that will redirect to the requested URL. They can be opened in a new window or in the same one.
You can configure the post, comment and author link options in the administration area.

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