As I was browsing around I found a lot of articles about how Google chrome calls home.
They presented the information that follows:

For every installation Google Chrome receives a digital number (id), which communicates which the servers of Google. After installations, Google Chrome sends information about the version and the installed language to Google.
Google collects more data about the user of Chrome. Also Google Chrome sends every URL and search-keys to the servers. In the privacy policy it says that Google collects all information to make better search results for the Internet users.

If you don`t want that to happen, don`t use it.

You can deactivate this feature anyway if you want to. Under options/Under the Hood, uncheck “Help make Google Chrome better by automatically sending . After that you can be sure that you are not sharing any private information with Google.

False, if you deactivate this option Google Chrome will not send statistical data about the user.
But it will still send every URL you visit and if you watched the videos, you would know that Chrome is so fast because it uses Google`s cache to return parts of the websites you`re visiting. So it will still know what you`re searching for.
The future of search engines will be based on the user`s actions. So if you use chrome and allow all the statistical data to be sent, you will probably get the results you want on the first page, buy there goes your privacy.
People keep complaining about privacy and trash new products like Chrome, that are made to increase the quality of their Internet experience, but still use free email, free Instant Messaging clients etc. All those free things gather private information about you.
With the risk to sound paranoid, all the emails and instant messages you send go through a server and are cached for a while. Even your ISP and SMS service.
So stop complaining, unless you plan a terrorist attack 😛 or you`re a business man and you can afford custom services that don`t track everything you do, suck it up.

Google Chrome calls home. So?

2 thoughts on “Google Chrome calls home. So?

  • September 19, 2008 at 3:29 am

    I just install google chrome for only few hours. and found that not nice to use, google tools bar cannot install, facebook also have problem, so to hotmail

  • December 10, 2013 at 5:03 am

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