I believe you all know by now that google has implemented a new payment type, Western Union Quick Cash.

Now what`s so cool about it? Well as you know the money you earn in September will be sent at the end October. Using a Standard Delivery check you will get you your earnings by the 25th of November and using a Secured Express Delivery check by the 5th of the same month. Now depending on your location you may be close to a CITIBANK center. If you are, you can get your money right away, but if you`re not you will have to get to one or use a local bank. By using a local bank you will have to wait another one or two weeks before you receive your funds and either way you will have to pay a fee.

So here comes the beauty of the Western Union Quick Cash payment option. The payment is due after the 25th of October and will be sent by the 10th of November. In my case it was sent on the 1st and i got my money within 5 minutes. It`s a lot faster and paperless and the best thing is that there are no fees. You will get the amount that is written on the payment page and not a cent less, I actually got a cent more when I did the currency exchange 😛

Here are some images of the whole thing

Payment History Payment summary
Western Union Transfer
Google and WU
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