New version 1.1 AdSense Revenue Sharing plugin released.

New in version 1.1

  1. Fixed add hit count
  2. Fixed ad preview
    • Once you click outside the field you edited the preview will be updated. Once you save it, it will show the new data.
  3. Fixed multiple post page display
    • Pages that show more than one post like main page, archive page, search page will only display ads in the latest
      post added on the certain page (first post on page)
  4. Added smart ad count
    • If you accidentally enter more than 3 quicktags in a post it ignores them and ads one ad at the end of the post.
      Same thing happens on multiple post pages.
  5. Added new option ->Show all
    • If you enable this option all the quicktags you added will be ignored and one ad will be placed at the end of every
      post/page. When you disable this options ads will be shown again only in posts that have a quicktag.

You can grab it here: AdSense Revenue Sharing 1.1

AdSense Revenue Sharing 1.1
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