When you sign up for your Fiabee Online Backup account, they give you 2 GB for free, forever! For more storage, you can then choose the plan that suits you best. Plus, invite your friends to Fiabee and win even more free space.


• Fully Automated
• Easy-to-use Recovery Wizard
• Blowfish military-grade encryption
• Advanced Search, even offline !
• Cloud Storage


If you currently use an external hard drive, although better than nothing, it is still prone to the same risks as your computer. Do you keep it with your PC? If not, how do you remember when to back up? And if so, are you sure the kids don’t think it also needs gooey nourishment? Online backup is fully automated, so your data is secure without you even having to think about it.
Fiabee is currently the fastest online backup application on the market. We use the most cutting-edge advancements in backup technology to ensure the complete safety of your data and the stress-free easy use of our application.

Register now and get 250 mb of bonus space

Fiabee Online Storage
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