As you remember a few posts ago I announced the launch of my new site

Now I am going to describe what it dose so you can stop reading if you don`t care 😛

There are some nice buttons for bloggers or website owners. Currently the buttons come in two sizes, small a one that only shows the Google Page Rank value of the visited page and the large one that comes in three colors and shows Google and Alexa Page Rank, the number of indexed links in Yahoo and the number of Technorati backlinks (blog reactions) of the visited page.

When you submit your URL to you get the following data:

  1. Page Ranks from Google, Alexa, Quantcast, Compte, Technorati
  2. Google Page Rank validation
  3. Google Page Rank prediction
  4. The number of backlinks in Google, Yahoo, Live Search, Altavista, Alltheweb
  5. The number of indexed pages in Google, Yahoo, Live Search, Altavista, Alltheweb
  6. The number of bookmarks in and
  7. Checks Yahoo and DMOZ directories for backlinks

For those with more advanced needs the following should come in handy.

Webmaster Tools & SEO Tools

  1. Multiple data center page rank check
    Checks your page rank in multiple data centers.
  2. Keyword phrase list generator
    Works to create lists of various keyword phrase permutations based on individual keywords and phrases you input.
  3. Meta tag generator
    Generates perfect meta tags for your website.
  4. Search engine saturation tool
    Shows you how many pages you have indexed compared to competing sites. Each page has its own chance to rank. Sites with thousands of pages indexed are relevant for thousands and thousands of unique search queries because they have so many pages in the search lottery.
  5. Keyword Research Tool
    This tool allows you to do keyword research by cross referencing many SEO tools.
  6. Keyword Density Analyzer
    Using a keyword density analysis tool can make it easier to find a few good keyword phrases to use.
  7. Search Engine Spider Test
    Shows the source code of a page, all outbound links, and common words and phrases.
  8. Link suggestion
    Generates Google and Yahoo! searches for your keyword + the term from the keyword list. Keep in mind that the value of a link is typically going to be at least partly inversely proportional to how easy it is to get.
  9. Keyword List Cleaner And Number Stripper
    Cleans and strips your keyword list from unvwanted terms.
  10. Reciprocal link checking
    allows you to check your reciprocal links free to see if link partners are still linking back at your site.
Bragging time
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