Fiabee Online Storage

When you sign up for your Fiabee Online Backup account, they give you 2 GB for free, forever! For more storage, you can then choose the plan that suits you best. Plus, invite your friends to Fiabee and win even more free space. Features • Fully Automated • Easy-to-use Recovery Wizard • Blowfish military-grade encryption […]

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Get a chance to win 2000 wiki backlinks

Wiki Backlinks are the new 2012 Trend and one type of backlinks that your website needs in order to rank high. The links are embedded in articles related to your keywords. You get links from keyword related content on high authority domains so you will benefit from the high trust rank of that domains. Each […]

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Get More Free Dropbox Storage Space

Dropbox is one of the best file sync and file sharing application available till date. The program supports multiple platforms and thus can be used to sync files, folders and documents from Windows, Linux, MAC computers and also from various mobile devices. If you are new to Dropbox and haven’t tried it yet, we suggest […]

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Plugin Update – MQ ReLinks 1.2

MQ ReLinks is a wordpress plugin which allows you to easy make all external links in posts, comments and author links non external, by using a redirect. In stead of a direct link to another site, the plugin will create a link to a out.php file that will redirect to the requested URL. They can […]

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Validating emails with php

Sanitizing and validating email syntax $email = $_POST[’email’]; //getting the posted email //sanitizing the email using FILTER_SANITIZE_EMAIL //removes all illegal e-mail characters from a string $email=filter_var($email, FILTER_SANITIZE_EMAIL); //validating the email using FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL //validates e-mail returning true if valid and false if invalid (filter_var($field, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) ? TRUE : FALSE; Creating a function to validate and sanitize […]

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